Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little sunshine in New York

Our first signature report for GU’s Seniors4Kids New York was released on Tuesday. It’s a wonderful publication that illustrates why older adults care about children’s issues and are willing to mobilize on their behalf.

As you can tell by the photo of the S4K captains4kids and children, it was a bright day…for some. Who’s missing in the picture? The governor’s office. Yes, the day of our press conference releasing a positive report about the strong commitment generations have to each others’ well being was overshadowed by the unfolding human tragedy in New York.

The children were there, the older adults came through but an adult blew it and took the press with him. How can we teach our children about the right thing to do, when they see so many examples of the wrong thing to do? We can’t change the behavior of some of the people in the public spotlight but we can give children every day examples of adults who chose to do good rather than bad. Seniors4Kids is a wonderful venue for older adults to do good for children. All of us at GU applaud the work of Paul Arfin and the New York Captains4Kids. You brought sunshine on a gloomy day in Albany.