Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sharing Smiles at the St. Ann Center

Early this week, I had the absolute pleasure of being the keynote speaker at a conference on Intergenerational care at the St. Ann Center in Milwaukee. I spent some time with Sr. Edna Lonergan, the Center’s founder and an extraordinary woman., who gave me a tour of their incredible facility. It was great to see the children visiting and playing with the seniors and the smiles on all their faces proved programs like St. Ann’s are beneficial to so many, young and old alike.
For more information on what the St. Ann Center has to offer, including a video of the site, go to www.Stanncenter.org .

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Pat Owens said...

GrandFamilies of America was saddened to learn of the passing of Janet Sainer, one of the greatest advocates for relatives raising relative children this country has seen. Advocacy by and for those grandparents and relatives raising relative children is being done on many levels through out this country. Many have made monumental contributions resulting in significant changes for this population, but most likely, the contributions made possible by the advocacy and financial support provided by Janet Sainer to the population of relatives raising relative children cannot be surpassed or adequately expressed. Through her unfailing support, she made it possible to take this advocacy to a level that would not have been otherwise possible. Our sincere condolences to her family and foundation members.