Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Adoption Report

A new report on adoption and its interaction with race is out today. The report draws attention to the failing of this nation to find permanent homes for minority children in the foster care system. African American children represent an astounding 32% of all children in the child welfare system despite the fact they only represent 15% of children in the country.

This kind of wide-spread failure to place minority children in permanent homes means policy makers and advocates need to urgently seek out solutions that have proven results. The report identifies the success of Illinois in placing minority children in permanent homes with relatives through subsidized guardianship.

I applaud the report for recommending federal subsidized guardianship as an important avenue to permanency for these children.

Federal subsidized guardianship would allow children another option to exit foster care, while giving relatives the support they need to care for children.

Link to the Report:

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