Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Question of National Character

President Obama called a joint session of Congress last night to renew his call for health care reform. I was pleased he took the opportunity to dispel the myth that our nation’s seniors will be subject to “death panels.” I also think he made the point effectively that the status quo in our health care system is unsustainable for the uninsured and underinsured. Critics of reform have made the point that we will be unduly burdening our grandchildren with debt if we expand health insurance, but there is greater danger that our grandchildren will never grow up to be healthy, productive adults if we don’t invest in them and their caregivers now. We’ve provided insurance for every older American over 65, it’s time to do the same children and their parents.

One last thought, what is it about South Carolina politicians lately playing out on the national media scene as philanderers and foul-mouthed? Our children and grandchildren deserve better examples of civility and self-control.

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