Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowed In

Hello all,
Here in D.C. we've been snowed under for about a week now -- but our staff has been working diligently from home and in our Texas office!

Connect for Kids has a great Q&A with Brenda Eheart, founder and CEO of Generations of Hope, which created Hope Meadows, the intergenerational community in Rantoul, Illinois, where families adopt neglected and abused children from the foster care system.

She speaks eloquently about finding intergenerational solutions to challenges faced by people of all ages:

"There is tremendous interest in intergenerational communities, in having older adults play a significant role in solving social problems related to vulnerable people. We recently had a group come to us who wanted to design a community for developmentally challenged adults. There are many other groups that might have need for these kinds of communities – whether it is young mothers with drug addictions or kids coming out of foster care with developmental delays."

"We’re very grateful that the concept has grown enough now that anybody can understand what we’re doing."

Read the rest here.

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