Monday, June 14, 2010

We're in the Washington Post!

Read what Generations United Executive Director Donna Butts had to say about Social Security's value to kids, parents and grandparents in Sunday's Washington Post:

The champions stepping up to protect Social Security ["Social Security's vanguard against cuts," news story, June 9] are to be praised. However, lost in the debate over the deficit commission's possible consideration of cuts to Social Security benefits is the reality that Social Security is a promise that protects all generations, all families.

Social Security, which turns 75 this year, provides insurance for 98 percent of children who have lost a parent. Social Security also serves children and spouses of workers who have become disabled; families of fallen service members; grandparents raising grandchildren; and severely disabled children and their family caregivers. Framing the issue as a choice between seniors' Social Security benefits and money for kids' education is false and irresponsible. Children, parents and grandparents all benefit from Social Security, a promise worth keeping.

Have you benefited from Social Security survivors benefits? Do you rely on Social Security as you raise your grandchildren? Contact Carol Scott at cscott @ to share your story as Generations United works to educate legislators about the promise of Social Security.

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