Thursday, July 29, 2010

Generations United Stands For Social Security With New Campaign

As the Fiscal Commission is considering recommending to President Obama that Congress cut Social Security benefits, a diverse group of organizations – including Generations United - launched a major new campaign today to push back and demand that Congress not make any benefit cuts. New polling shows massive public support for members of Congress who support strengthening, not cutting, Social Security.

More than 60 national and state organizations, representing more than 30 million Americans, have joined the campaign, which will remind elected officials that Social Security remains the “third rail” of American politics and that any sort of benefit cuts are opposed by wide majorities, from liberals to Tea Partiers. At today’s press conference, participants outlined their plans to hold members of Congress who try to cut Social Security benefits accountable.

Social Security provides vital financial security, not only to our nation's retirees, but also to children and families through Survivors, Retirement, Disability and Supplemental Security Insurance benefits. It protects 98 percent of all children in the event of death or disability of a caregiver. Read more in our latest fact sheet.

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