Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Voices Bring New Perspectives

Perhaps the most worthwhile aspect of having a conference, a summit or just a meeting is the opportunity to encounter new people. It’s exciting to engage energized, passionate individuals – it brings a fresh perspective on intergenerational ideas and it gives us all a boost in our work. Our November Summit on Generations was attended by one such new voice, Raj Jayadev, from San Jose, California. He is the coordinator of Silicon Valley De-Bug, a community organization that provides a platform for the unheard voices of the South Bay region.

This past week Raj wrote an article titled “New Frontier for Organizing: Youth and Elders, Working Hand in Hand.” In it, he points out young people and older adults can be, in fact have been, effective advocates for positive social change when working together.

… some of the best youth organizing victories and support systems for young people have always been inter-generational, even if rarely acknowledged. Major achievements like the California youth organizations that shut down draconian youth prisons, always had moms and grandmothers at their rallies and actions.

You can read his full article at New American Media. We will continue to welcome new voices into the dialogue so we may learn and grow, as our mission continues.

Rich Robinson is the Press Secretary for Generations United. You can email him at

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