Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Multigenerational Family Profile: Que Spencer

image My grandmother moved in with us over three years ago. We love having her live with us. We’ve always been a close family and we enjoy each other’s company—talking and going to church together. And we love her cooking!

My grandmother really didn’t want to move to Virginia Beach. She’s a very independent woman and had lived in North Carolina all her life; it’s where her heart is. She still owns the house my grandfather built when they married 66 years ago. She visits there whenever possible.

Although it was very difficult for her to leave her home, her declining health dictated the move. We all pitch in to help care for her. She helps us by talking to us and giving us a different perspective on things. We all benefit from her lifetime of experiences and her wisdom. She holds the key to our family history.

I think the biggest issue we face is getting time off of work to take my grandmother to doctor appointments. It would be a lot easier on us—especially my mother—if workplace policies took into account how many families now are caregivers for either younger or older generations. Like most families in this situation, we could use more support.

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