Friday, February 24, 2012

Generations United’s 2012 Oscar Picks

This Sunday millions of people will tune in to watch the 84th annual Academy Awards. While there are dozens of films that deserve mention, Generations United wanted to highlight two of our Oscar picks this year that highlight the strong bond of families coming together during tough times.

Best Picture: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

This best picture nominee sheds light on the importance of relationships and family during life’s toughest times. The film’s lead character, Oskar, a nine year old boy who loses his father on 9/11, spends a year searching for someone that might know the answer to a question about his father. Oskar enlists the help of his grandfather in the search, and a strong bond is forged, despite the fact that they recently met. Along the way, Oskar meets hundreds of people who have their own story to tell, all filled with struggles and triumphs. Though Oskar’s search does not turn out the way he imagined, he develops a deeper understanding of himself, his family, and the moments that can change your life.


Best Documentary Feature: The Undefeated

Brown spends weekends with his sister and grandmother, Rachel Hayes, 27, and Ethel Hayes, 67, in their North Memphis home.

This Oscar nominated documentary focuses its story on several members of a Memphis inner-city football team and chronicle the tough season they face. All of the players come from backgrounds filled with hardships, but one finds his way out with the help of his coach, sponsor, and his grandmother. At age seven, after the death of his mother, O.C. Brown moved in with his grandmother. His grandmother, Ethel Hayes, also raised his two younger sisters and a niece in a tiny house in the poorest part of town. Tough times would not stop Ethel Hayes from believing that her grandson could be a successful and upstanding young man. When his grades began to slip Ms. Hayes threatened to take away the thing O.C. loved the most, football. O.C. grades began to improve with the help of a tutor and encouragement from his family, and he was able to stay on the football team and was immediately noticed by recruiters. O.C. Brown went on to sign with Southern Miss and plans to get a degree in education and become a coach to help at risk youth.


What are your picks for the Oscars?


Image: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

Image: The Commercial Appeal; Memphis, TN

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