Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Office Contest

The Generations United staff kicked off our St. Patrick’s Day celebrating a little early this year by holding the first ever intergenerational office door decorating contest. The rules: decorate a door with a St. Patty’s Day theme. The results: four entries that brought out the creative talents of our staff! 

Can you match the Generations United staff with the correct door? Leave your guess in the comments and check back on Monday for the big reveal.

On behalf of all of us at Generations United, we wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sheri                       Anne                       Colleen                    Melissa

sheri_headshot1   current_web_photo_anne   11-May-05-2 001   358


           Door 1                        Door 2                       Door 3                      Door 4



photo (4)

Thanks to our esteemed judging panel, we can announce the results of the St. Patrick's Day door decorating contest!

photo (2)

Best use of nontraditional materials: Colleen (Door #2)

Best use of the color green: Melissa (Door #3)

Best use of red-headed leprechaun: Colleen (Door #2)

Best in show: Sheri (Door #4)

Best use of door bribery: Melissa (Door #3)

Best decorated desk: Bettina

Best organizer: Melissa (Door #3)

Grand prize: Anne (Door #1)


Thanks to all the staff that participated!


Jaia said...

1- Melissa
2- Colleen
3 - Anne
4 - Sheri

I must admit I got a hint with one of these.

What about Bettina? She gets her own category for decorating the rest of the office I understand!

- Your office mate in the Baltimore branch

stive martin said...

Its a beautiful and sweet interior decoration. I really love it.

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