Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Georgetown, TX | 2012 Best Intergenerational Communities

image Generations United and MetLife Foundation are pleased to recognize five incredible communities with the first ever Best Intergenerational Communities Awards. These awards were created to heighten awareness of the importance intergenerational living and programs play in building strong, supportive communities.  The winning entries were selected by a blue ribbon panel of judges. 


Georgetown, Texas 

“Growing a community where all are valued and have the opportunity to thrive.”

imageGeorgetown, Texas is home to approximately 47,000 residents. The city is unique in a number of ways: it is the county seat of Williamson County; it is the home to Southwestern University, the oldest university in Texas; and it is the site of Sun City Texas, a retirement community whose residents make up one-third of the city’s population. But what really sets Georgetown apart is its commitment to promoting an intergenerational mindset where everyone can feel welcome and wanted.

In Georgetown, no one entity plans or oversees the city’s array of intergenerational activities or initiatives. Instead, the city government, schools, businesses, and religious and nonprofit organizations all work collaboratively to identify opportunities and strengthen existing efforts.

The city government helps sustain intergenerational efforts in a number of ways. Using an Asset Based Community Development approach, it works to build the often underused “community assets” (talents) of seniors and youth. The city is also a major contributor to the Georgetown Project, which funds social service and youth development organizations that help sustain intergenerational connections.

Senior adults (50 and older) in Georgetown can take advantage of affordable lifelong learning through the Georgetown Senior University program. Approximately 600 residents currently take classes.

Georgetown’s commitment to intergenerational understanding means a great deal to residents.


For more information about Georgetown, Texas, download America’s Best Intergenerational Communities.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! My husband and I have lived in Georgetown for 34 years and have seen much growth, but Georgetown continues to have that "small town" uniqueness - due to many people working to ensure that feeling. The Georgetown Project has been working to help youth and parents and grandparents for over 15 years - building assets in our youth! Together we CAN make a difference! Thanks for Linda Meigs for her work on this application for Georgetown.

Anonymous said...

I love the program they developed for the seniors. Activities are very good especially for the older groups since they don't have much to do. This will keep them active. I hope all 55 retirement communities would be inspired by Georgetown's fruitful ideas and programs.