Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father’s Day from Generations United

Generations United wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of the wonderful dads, husbands, and father figures in our lives. Here are some memories from our staff with their fathers on Father’s Day.


Disney World 2 I can’t remember whether we gave my dad his first pair of deerskin slippers for Father’s Day or his birthday, but I do know he loved those slippers. They were incredibly soft, at least for the first few years he wore them. Eventually, they became stiff and discolored. To our chagrin, he wore them everywhere—even on a trip to Disneyworld in 1972 with my younger brothers and sister. (See photo.)

I also remember the last pair we gave him. We’d bought them early for Christmas, but he died in late November, just four weeks before we could give them to him. He did get to wear them though: we buried him in his favorite suit and brand new slippers.

We still love you, Dad.

-Colleen Appleby-Carroll


My dad has always been more of a gift giver than receiver. While this is beneficial for me as a strapped for cash college student, finding a gift for him on Father’s Day can be quite a challenge. One year, instead of buying him a coffee mug or tie, my family simply took a walk through our neighborhood together. He later said this time had made that Father’s Day the most memorable because he was able to spend time in the place he loved the most with the people he loved the best. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads like mine who cherish and care for both their family and community!

-Annie Cleary


Growing up in the small paper town of Green Bay, WI, Father’s Day has always been more or less another excuse for the guys to get together and talk about football. Traditionally June is the time the Green Bay Packers begin their training, and what better way to celebrate Father’s Day then to watch our beloved team in the early stages of their season. As a child I remember going with my father and grandfather to the field to watch the men in pads practice, ever hopeful that “this will be our season.” It’s always been an incredible moment of bonding for me, my father and grandfather (and his father and grandfather some time ago before that), a tradition I hope to carry on to my children someday.

-Adam Hlava


EK14 Although our family does not hold any sacred Father’s Day traditions, I am reminded of my favorite things about my Dad as the holiday approaches. This includes his discerning taste for potatoes informed by 30+ years farming, his fancy and not-at-all-dated dance moves, and his tight grip on my arm as he walked me down the aisle six months ago. It won’t be easy to find the right gift for such an amazing Dad.

-Erica Jorde



228585_2058913119395_2379990_n For many, golf is not a relaxing sport; but for my father it’s one of his favorite past times. Since I was little, he and I would go out on the golf course and practice our swings, collect lost balls from the out of bounds (often coming out covered in poison oak), have chipping contests, and finish the round in good spirits (mostly).  As I got older, I’d buy my dad some golf paraphernalia for Father’s Day and use it as an excuse to go out on the golf course with him to test it out. I’ve followed suite once again this year and look forward to the next time I’m in Iowa and can play a round with Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

-Melissa Ness

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Sandra Owens said...

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