Thursday, October 11, 2012

Opportunity Nation Week of Action


Our friends at Opportunity Nation are hosting a Week of Action from October 8-15, 2012 to encourage people across the country to increase opportunities for young adults and equip them with the skills they need to compete in the current and future economies.

Opportunity Nation has provided a list of suggested actions and invites you to join us in taking part in one or more of the following days of actions.

Week of Action

Monday: Mentor for Opportunity

Tuesday: Measure Opportunity

Wednesday: Vote for Opportunity

Thursday: Train for Opportunity

Friday: Plan for Opportunity

Saturday: Congregate for Opportunity

Sunday: Write for Opportunity

For more information visit Opportunity Nation and be sure to read The Shared Plan to learn more about rebuilding the ladder of opportunity.  This resource can be helpful during the Week of Action.

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katrina rox said...

Anything not based on economic reality is doomed to failure. Whether it’s farming, mining, tourism or small business, Family First is a truism that capital goes where Family First is made welcome and stays where it gets looked after. And whilst Australia is indeed blessed with abundant natural resources, Australia’s real wealth is not beneath the ground, it is between the ears!