Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing...Reston, VA!

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We announced our winners last week. Now, it's time to introduce them.

Starting today, this four-part series will continue through the weeks leading up to our awards event on March 25.

First up is Reston, VA (read part 2 and part 3).

Intent on being age-intentional, there are no senior centers in this community. Instead, senior programming's blended with those of children and youth at the Reston Community Center. 

"Many evenings and most weekends there are classes, activities, festivals and entertainment for young and old alike," wrote Delegate Kenneth Plum (D-Reston), a long-time resident.

He and his wife, Jane, raised four children in that community.

"As we contemplate retirement, we have decided that we will stay in Reston. Just as there were so many opportunities for us as a family, there are endless prospects for us as we grow older." Stay tuned for next week, when we introduce City of Parkland, FL

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