Friday, March 28, 2014

My Adventure to Capitol Hill

(l-r: Asa Gurney, Bob Simon,
and Ashley Gurney)
EDITOR’S NOTE: This guest post appears courtesy of 8-year-old Ashley Gurney, who joined us Tuesday for the Best Intergenerational Communities recognition event at Cannon House Building. The photo is courtesy of the Gurney Family.

I woke up at 6:30 a.m. We got in the car it was a long ride to the city. We are at National Association of Counties (NACO).

There are 22 people and Bob Simon was there. And there are actually 25 people because a few came in late. I met a girl named Hayley and she was 17 years old. Hayley and my brother were in my group. We learned a lot about each other. We are going to get a cab and go to Capitol Hill.

We arrived at Capitol Hill. We went through security and the woman in front of us had to go back and it was her bracelet.

There are 3 people taking pictures including me. Eight people went to speak.

I learned a lot and it makes me feel like I like our country even more because they got an award.

Hayley and Jessica spoke and they were kind of funny. Bob Simon was about to go up to speak.

On our way to lunch, we went under the building I thought it was the sewers but it was a hallway and I kind of screamed when I said it.

We saw the Old Senate Chamber and Senator Charles Sumner almost died.  He did not want slavery and other Senators got their canes out and beat him up really badly in 1856 because they wanted slavery.

We saw the members of the House of Representatives vote on a bill. And more people voted “nay” which means no and less people voted “yea” which means yes. So the bill did not pass.

We did not know if it was snowing because we did not look out the window.

And it was an awesome day!

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