Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Family First Act Next Steps

Generations United is deeply disappointed that the Senate left for recess in September without passing the Family First Prevention Services Act.

While the bill didn’t pass, your voices have been heard. We had overwhelming participation and heroic engagement from you, especially in the last few weeks.

More than 400 organizations from every state in the nation urged their support for the groundbreaking legislation which would have fundamentally changed federal support for child welfare in this country, offering much-needed support for grandfamilies both inside and outside the child welfare system. 

Individuals and organizations supporting children, youth and caregivers in grandfamilies, birth parents, foster youth, doctors, judges, child welfare agencies, substance abuse treatment programs, and mental health providers joined together to speak up about the importance of keeping children with family and providing them with quality supports and services they need to help children thrive.

With such a showing of support, Congress will be hard- pressed to pass a major piece of child welfare legislation in the future that doesn’t include strong provisions for grandfamilies.

We will not give up. We will speak louder.

Please take time to thank the senators who cosponsored the bill and all members of the House of Representatives who passed the bill by unanimous consent in June. And urge them to continue to stand for grandfamilies.

Thank you for your incredible work and commitment to our children, caregivers and families.

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