Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Journalist Remembers Growing Up in Grandfamily - #IGinspirations

EDITOR'S NOTE: #IGinspirations is a new series we started that features stories people have about their grandparents. 

Journalist Tammy Trujillo, host of the award-winning Community Cares show, remembers being raised by her grandparents. (Part 1)

My Grandmother, who with my Grandfather took care of me much of my childhood, was badly injured in a car accident when I was in high school. She ended up in a convalescent home. 

My Grandfather had already passed. I would go to visit her with my mother, but as most teenagers would, I hated going there. It was not a nice place and there was nothing to really do there.

Over the years, her eyesight and hearing failed and she began to suffer from dementia. So communication became increasingly difficult. I rarely went to see her....but I did go - alone - one day in my late 20s. 

She didn't realize who I was. She thought I was the nurse's aide and proceeded to want to talk about her! 

She told me how proud she was of her Granddaughter, how she had finished college and was now a successful radio personality. She talked about what a hard childhood I had had because of my stepfather and how she had felt bad for me and always tried to help. 

It was amazing because I didn't know that, before dementia set in, she had actually been following my career.

She spoke for about 20 minutes. I worked very hard to keep her from realizing that I was crying. When she finally finished, I thanked her - still in the guise of the nurse's aide - for telling me about her wonderful Granddaughter. 

She smiled and was quiet.

Passing the other bed in the room as I went to leave, the woman in it called me over. Quietly, she told me she had not meant to eavesdrop but had heard all that my Grandmother had said and asked if I was the Granddaughter. 

She explained what a great gift I had just been given to know just how much my Grandmother loved and cared about me.

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