Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Good Grandmother Isn't Hard To Find

Good afternoon folks:

I want to alert you to a wonderful and heart-warming blog from an old friend of GU, author Michael Morris. Michael is author of the fantastic novel Slow Way Home, a heart-warming story about the strength a young boy drawls from the relationship with his grandparents.

He’s posted a real-life account of the role his grandmother played in his life on the cleverly-titled blog, “A Good Blog Is Hard to Find,” written by a group of southern authors. Here’s a quick excerpt (be sure to check out the whole blog):

For years, I thought the relationship I had with my grandmother was unique and something most people could not relate to or understand. And yet, through the years I have encountered others not like Senator Obama who have known special relationships with their grandparents – relationships that fostered life changes and often provided a detour to destructive journeys. The stories belong to young children and senior adults alike, who at the mere topic of their grandparents can be reduced to tears.

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