Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From Roxana Martinez: Day Three of ICIP Conference

Well, day three of the conference has now wrapped up. This means the conference is almost over. :-( There have been some great plenary sessions and workshop presentations today, it's hard to know which one to highlight. There was the Multigenerational Approaches to Social Inclusion and Community Cohesion plenary this morning, and the Enhancing Community Well-being Through Intergenerational Learning that highlighted some amazing programs in Canada, Sweden, the UK, and South Korea.

I ended the day with a site visit: The Peranakan Museum Experience - Keeping the Peranakan Culture Alive, which was just fascinating! Maybe it speaks to my love of all things history, but I loved learning about the Peranakans, their familial ties, traditions, culture. Many years ago traders came to this area of the world from as far as China and Saudi Arabia and married local women, these are the Peranakans, which means "child of" or "born of" in Malay.

Well, this is Roxana signing off for the day. It's off to the night safari I go, if the rain will let up that is! Take care.


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