Thursday, April 01, 2010

President Obama fills out Census form as a member of a multi-gen household

President Obama joined millions of other Americans by filling out a Census form today and indicating that he lives in a multi-generational household. The 2010 Census is expected to indicate that the White House is part a growing trend of multi-generational households.

Here's what US Center Robert Groves said on the the White House blog:

The First Family experiences a unique privilege every day by living in the White House. But one aspect of their lives that is quite common also happens to be something that often causes confusion when people fill out the census form. The First Ladys mother lives with the family in the White House. Since the census asks for a count of everyone currently living in the household - not just immediate family - the President included his mother-in-law on his census form.

In 2000 over 4.2 million families reported living in a multi-generational household, an increase from 3.0 million households in 1990. The numbers are expected to continue to rise as more families come to depend on each other during difficult economic times. You can read much more about intergenrational families: their benefits and challenges, the reasons for their existence, and tips for making it work in Generations United's recent fact sheet.

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