Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tom Taylor’s Grandparents Day Story

Tom with his granddaughter.
This blog post and photo appear courtesy of Tom Taylor, special advisor to Generations United's Seniors4Kids initiative. 

Three days before Grandparents Day, one of my granddaughters called to say she would be coming from her home in Arlington, VA, to where I live in downtown Silver Spring, MD, for a business meeting.

She was appointed to a position on the executive level at a major restaurant when she lived in Florida before her transfer to Arlington over a year ago.

She wanted to drop by after her meeting.

When she first moved back to Arlington, we were in contact on a weekly basis by phone or visits as she helped me with Facebook and computer problems.

Her fiancé from Florida moved in with her about four months ago, and our communications stopped. Rumors about a big wedding began floating through the family.

When she called to say she would be in town, I was excited to see her. She helped me update my Facebook, fixed my computer issues, and then we went to dinner.

At the restaurant, I realized the wedding rumors were true when she told me about her plans, which will include a ceremony this December in the Dominican Republic.

As we talked about the wedding, she became more relaxed and her ebullience lifted both our spirits.

When I told her I would not be able to attend, she said: "I have a special role for you. The event in the Dominican Republic is not the legal ceremony. We will be married in Arlington two days before and I want you to be my escort."

I let her know that I would be honored to have such an important role in her life since her Dad lives in California and will not be able to be here.

We spent nearly two wonderful hours in the restaurant. When the waiter brought the check, she took it and said, "I'm paying. Sunday is Grandfathers Day."

Let us know how you celebrated Grandparents Day so we can possibly share your story through our social media and here, on our Together Blog. If you missed our Grandparents Day awareness-raising campaign, check out highlights. Let's Do Something Grand all year long. Check out GrandparentsDay.org for ideas.

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