Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Eisner Prize Winners Part 2 - The Intergenerational Schools

For 14 years, The Intergenerational Schools (TIS) have been a transformative model of lifelong learning positively impacting costs and outcomes associated with educating children and engaging older adults, including those with dementia.

Based on its success and community interest, there are now three Intergenerational Schools operating in Cleveland, providing a free public education to over 500 young learners.

Co-founder Peter Whitehouse, Ph.D., recently announced the creation of Intergenerational Schools International (ISI) and its first project The Intergenerativity Project (TIP). (Learn more about ISI and TIP.)

The Intergenerational Schools feature an innovative kindergarten through 8th grade developmental curriculum that is proven to foster student achievement. Modeled on building relationships of reciprocal respect and learning, multi-age classrooms give every child the opportunity to serve as both teacher and learner.

Classes have a range of ages (spanning 3-4 years) and abilities, creating a dynamic and individualized learning environment.

Additionally, students learn with a lifespan perspective and benefit from daily interactions with a diverse group of adults and elders who participate fully in the school community as mentors, tutors, and co-learners.

TIS actively partners with Judson Smart Living and Case Western Reserve University not only to deliver their programs, but also to document and study them for potential future replication. Learn more about The Intergenerational Schools.

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