Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Eisner Prize Winners Part 1 - Bridge Meadows

Congrats to our friends, Bridge Meadows and The Intergenerational School, on winning the 2014 Eisner Prize!

Last week, we started profiling each organization. Here's Bridge Meadows.

A unique multi-generational community (located in the Portsmouth neighborhood of North Portland, OR), Bridge Meadows is a place where adoptive parents, foster children, and low-income elders - those over 55 - find a true home built with love and the shared vision of a better tomorrow.

Children move from the instability of foster care placements to permanent homes and families. Adoptive families receive essential resources and guidance, and low-income elders find purpose as they volunteer 100 hours/quarter in service to the community.

These services are why The Eisner Foundation recognized Bridge Meadows for the "Innovation in Intergenerational Solutions" category. Learn more about Bridge Meadows. Stay tuned when we profile The Intergenerational School.

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