Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kairos Alive!

Kairos Alive!
EDITOR’S NOTE: Each week, we feature intergenerational program ideas that were tried and successful. This series is a tool to highlight various age-optimized programs and practices. The program descriptions are provided by representatives of the programs. Inclusion in this series does not imply Generations United’s endorsement or recommendation, but rather encourages ideas to inspire other programs.

This week's cool idea, Minneapolis-based Kairos Alive!, works to promote engagement, health maintenance and prevention, and connections to community for older generations.

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Kairos Alive!
Under Kairos Alive! is the Kairos Alive! Performance Troupe.

This troupe is an intergenerational group that uses dance and storytelling to create a sense of community and well-being in participants of all ages and walks of life.

Kairos Alive! Performance Group members span generations, ranging in age from 4 to 100. The Performance Troupe presents 10-12 performances annually featuring works from their past shows, and pieces created in collaboration with partners.

The goal of the Kairos Alive! Troupe is to bring dance into the community in order to connect with audiences in traditional and non-traditional venues.

Kairos Alive!
Their work draws upon many forms of modern dance, movement improvisation, folk dance, music, song, theater, poetry and oral history traditions from around the world. Kairos Alive! Performance Troupe is the only intergenerational modern dance theater company in Minnesota, and one of only a handful in the U.S.

This program is inspiring because their intergenerational, intercultural performances – which are performed at schools, nursing homes, museums, parks, community centers and formal performance spaces – deliver a vision of what community can be: all ages, all backgrounds, all abilities — dancing together.

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