Monday, March 09, 2015

The Kahuna Kapuna

EDITOR’S NOTE: Each week, we feature intergenerational program ideas that were tried and successful. This series is a tool to highlight various age-optimized programs and practices. The program descriptions are provided by representatives of the programs. Inclusion in this series does not imply Generations United’s endorsement or recommendation, but rather encourages ideas to inspire other programs.

This week’s cool idea is The Kahuna Kupuna, an annual shortboard and longboard surf contest in Pacifica California that honors the more experienced (in age) surfers. 

(Check our archives for parts 1-35.)

While the main focus of the contest is the Kahuna Kupuna division for men and women 40 years of age and over, with separate sub-divisions for shortboard and longboard surfers, there is also an Intergenerational Team Division that welcomes surfers of all ages.

Intergenerational teams are made up of six surfers representing three or more generations and must include at least one surfer under age 20.

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