Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grandparents Week: Monday's Celebrity List

Vince Vaughn: Vince was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and raised in Illinois. His father worked at a casino, and his mother on the stock exchange. Vince's parents were often working, so Vince was cared for primarily by his sisters and grandmother.

Marisa Tomei:  Her parents were very busy while she was growing up. To help out, her grandmother, Rita Tomei, assisted in raising her.

Charles Barkley: Charles grew up in Leeds, Alabama, where he was raised by his mother and grandmother.

Kellie Pickler: Kellie was raised by her grandparents from the age of 12, and has been a featured guest at the GrandRally. For more information, visit

Kevin Johnson: Kevin is the current mayor of Sacramento, California. When he was born, his mother was only 16 years old, and at the age of three, his father tragically passed away. As a result, his maternal grandparents assisted in raising him.

Photos Courtesy of: David Shankbone, NNDB,,

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