Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grandparents Week Blog: Three Generations

Featured in Photo: Thomas Taylor, grandpa; Keith V. Taylor, son; Keith S. Taylor, grandson. On Thanksgiving Day November 25, 2010, my 14 year old grandson and I were the same height. On his 15th birthday, June 26, 2011 (seven months later) my grandson is two inches taller than me and on a pace to outgrow his 6”, 4” Dad.

Since there are two Keith’s, I decided to call my grandson K2. When he was about two years old, I enjoyed playing catch by rolling a ball on the ground. Two year olds are not yet coordinated, and the ball often rolled past him. Undaunted he chased after it saying, “I’ll get it”. This made us both laugh as we enjoyed each other’s company.

Around that time we started to greet each other by touching our foreheads together. (This is a form of greeting in some countries). As he continued to grow we always have said hello by touching foreheads. Last Thanksgiving Day, we touched our foreheads, and we were at eye level. On his birthday in June, he had to bend down in order for us to greet one another. I was amazed and he was delighted.

I had wondered if as he grew older he would shy away from a ritual which is shared only between the two of us, but he has not and usually initiates the greeting. This expression of caring and appreciation is one of the joys of my life, and I see it as a reflection of the love of my son, his father.

Written By: Thomas Taylor

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That was so heart warming. :) You have wonderful son and a wonderful grandson. :)