Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grandparents Week: Thursday's List of Public Officials and GrandRally Special Guests

Rep. Richard Neal: As a result of the passing of both of Congressman Neal's parents, he and his two younger sisters moved in with their grandmother, and later, their aunt. As the GrandRally today highlights, Social Security is a critical support to children raised by grandparents and other relatives. A perfect example - Congressman Neal, who relied on Social Security growing up. Congressman Neal is a featured and honored guest at today's Fourth National GrandRally.

Rep. Karen Bass: The Congresswoman has been a champion for children, families, and caregivers in the state of California and nationally. This year, she is a featured speaker at the GrandRally

Michael Morris: A featured guest of today's GrandRally, Michael Morris is the author of Slow Way Home, a book about a child being raised by his grandparents. Michael was raised by his grandparents, and has a true connection to the plight of relative caregivers as a result.

Rep. Colleen Hanabusa: The Congresswoman grew up in a multigenerational household, where all her family members, including her grandparents, had a hand in raising her.
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