Sunday, September 09, 2012

Grand Success Story: Shea McClellin

To celebrate Grandparents Day and the 2012 NFL season Kick Off, we’re sharing a great success story from Shea McClellin, Defensive End for the Chicago Bears.

When #99 takes the field today with the Chicago Bears, he looks forward to once again knowing his grandparents will be rooting for him. “They have been my foundation and walked with me every step of the way. It takes talent and speed to be a good defensive end, but it also takes heart—and for that I have my grandparents to thank.

The up and coming football star, Shea McClellin, has his grandparents to thank for his hard work ethic and perseverance. McClellin, the first round draft pick for the Chicago Bears this year, was raised by his grandparents Terry and Jerry on a farm in Idaho.

McClellin moved in with his grandparents as a baby when his young mother found it challenging to provide for her son. He has maintained a relationship with his mother, who is very grateful for the support of her parents. ‘‘I’m glad they were able to help, and I’m glad he stayed in the family. I’m very proud of him. He deserves it all,’’ she said.

“It was a joy taking care of him,” explains McClellin’s grandmother, “He kept me young. He absolutely kept me young.” And he was not the only child to grow up in his grandparents household. Jerry and Terry McClellin also raised four children of their own and multiple foster children many of whom live with them from when they were in diapers through high school.

Although McClellin’s passion is football, he played multiple sports throughout middle school and high school. And Terry was there cheering him on every step of the way. McClellin once told his grandmother, ‘‘I just look to see where you’re sitting in the stands and when I see you, I know it’s okay and I can play.”

The values that Jerry and Terry instilled into their grandson are now being passed on to others. Recently, McClellin headed back to Marsing, Idaho to speak to students on the importance of setting goals and dreaming big.


You can read more about Shea and other touching stories from individuals across the country raised by their grandparents in our upcoming publication: “Grand Successes”. Check back later this week for the release of our new publication!

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