Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grandparents Week Blog: The Joy of Baking

house 017I remember going to visit my grandparents in Utica, NY (a couple times a year) and knowing that there would be lots of homemade baked from scratch goodies waiting for my family’s arrival.  My grandmother would bake my dad’s (her son’s) childhood favorites along with those of my mom, my brother and myself.  During our stay, we would bake more to make sure we had a different dessert every night after dinner, and plenty of homemade treats during the day.  I knew, as a child, that baking was something my grandmother not only enjoyed, but also a way that she expressed her love for others.

As I got older, I began to bake, and realized not only do I enjoy the actual art of baking, but also making others happy by baking their favorite treats, just like my grandmother.  I, learned from the best, and only bake from scratch, just like my grandmother.  Every Thanksgiving, I make pumpkin cheesecake, a favorite of many of my guests, especially my grandmother.

My grandmother and I are passing on the love and enjoyment of baking to my daughters.  Now, every time I bake, I have 2 or 4 extra little hands measuring, pouring, mixing and tasting.  I don’t know which part is more fun – laughing with them as they make a mess, accomplishing our goal or enjoying the final product!

I often have conversations with my grandmother about baking, recipes and sweets in general. There is nothing like food to elicit conversation and connections.  Happy Grandparent’s Day, Oma……….I’ll be over with some black forest cake later!

Written By: Leah Bradley

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