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Grandparents Day Profiles: How Did You Do Something Grand?

grandparents-day-gu-logo-2012Throughout the week, people across the country have been joining together to Do Something Grand for Grandparents Day.  We wanted to take a minute to feature some of the great activism projects we’ve heard about. Check out the projects below! 

If you did something grand for Grandparents Day we want to hear about it! Share your story with us and we may feature it after Grandparents Day!

Windsor Place | Coffeyville, Kansas

Windsor Place of Coffeyville hosted a “GRAND” Olympics with an emphasis on “Proud to be an AMERICAN” for the students in their Age-to-Age program and residents of Windsor Place as the main event to coincide with Generations United’s Grandparent’s Week.  Throughout the week, during centers in the classroom, the Elders read books about America to the children.

Olympic activities included: a joint coloring contest of the American Flag for both Elders and children, a day of Olympic events where the children will compete on teams with the Elders to do physical activities, opening ceremonies that include American songs and poetry, and an intergenerational American trivia day.  Additionally, the children invited their natural grandparents to join them and their adopted Grandparents at Windsor for song, games and snacks.  The children also joined the Elders for a reminiscence group where the Elders and the children will discuss memories they have of their Grandma.  On Friday, there will be an Olympic Spirit Social for the students and Elders.

AirForce Village | San Antonio, Texas

Grandparents Week was themed “Patriotic and Proud.” Each day was full of patriotic activities. Below is an example of one of the days -

Friday, September 14 - “Patriots of the Past!” Throwback Day

  • USO Dance! Invite residents and grandparents to a dance with 1940s era classics in our classroom. Period “Dress up” will be encouraged.
  • Using white fabric, make a large flag to hang in the classroom. The white stars will be infant handprints, and the stripes will be toddler footprints. Talk about how important our flag is to our country and the men and women who serve.
  • Learn and sing: “You’re a Grand ‘Ole Flag”
  • “War Bond Stand!” Bake sale fundraiser featuring decorated cookies and brownies. Funds will be donated to Fisher House in San Antonio (Children’s drawings and letters to soldiers from earlier in the week will be included with donation to Fisher House)

Chanute, Kansas

This community brought high school students and older adults (RSVP Volunteers) together during Grandparents Week (September 8-15 ) to discuss and share knowledge about voting history, their experiences of voting and the importance of civic engagement through voting.

Students and older adults who shared a classroom experience gained knowledge about the history of voting, heard personal stories, and reflections on voting that assisted students in embracing their civic responsible to vote.

The American Government Instructor at the High School scheduled two classes to include older adults during Grandparents Week. Six or more older adults and approximately 25 students in each class joined together to share history, information and stories on voting in America. Students were involved by asking questions and giving their views on voting.

Topics for the classroom discussions include:

  • Women and their history of voting: I remember when my mother talking about when she was first allowed to vote …
  • Why people choose a certain party: When President Roosevelt was elected my parents found out …
  • Votes make a difference and some of the closest Presidential elections have been between …
  • Susan B Anthony and her suffrage activism was not enough to get women the right to vote before she died. Her efforts included…
  • The voting age requirement was not always at 18. I remember when…

The JCA Heyman Interages Center, Jewish Council for the Aging of Greater Washington (JCA) | Rockville, MD

The JCA Heyman Interages Center engaged their volunteers and program participants in a meaningful discussion about civic engagement and the impetus for their intergenerational choice in volunteerism. The Interages staff video taped interviews with young children and their father who regularly volunteer at an assisted living facility, as well as some of the frail elders who have participated in student visiting programs. Additionally, volunteer mentors were videotaped and responded to questions about their civic engagement. All the videotaped conversations will be sent to the local government in honor of Grandparents Day sharing how much The JCA Heyman Interages Center appreciates their support of intergenerational programs.

You can watch the videotaped interviews here!

How did you Do Something Grand for Grandparents Day?

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